Saturday, August 6, 2011

Music: The Rhythm of Life

I used to be horrible at sports. So bad it was embarrassing. I was the kid that got picked last. I sucked more then a vacuum. After games I wondered if I would ever be good at sports. Inevitably I gave up and decided to take a different route. Music. Now with seven, going on eight, years of drumming under my belt I have a new view on how important music is.

Soon after getting my first drum set I started to notice some changes. It wasn't like I woke up one day and I was mega awesome, but more gradual. My first noticeable change happened at a church baseball game. There was all types of people there. The dads who take things to seriously, kids staring off into space, and me the kid who would rather it rained so I didn't have to blow it in front of girls!

 Before I knew it I was up to bat. I walked up to the plate anticipating the strike out to come. Next thing I know the ball is coming right down the middle. Mostly for show, I took my swing. To my surprise I nailed the thing. BLASTED IT! All the way past the pitchers mound! I was so shocked I almost forgot to run to first. After that game I realized it was because I had been playing drums that I was better at baseball.

Sure playing the drums gives you better coordination which is a big help, but there was something else. I could feel the flow of things. The unnoticed rhythm of everything around me. I could find the music in making a sandwich! It was like gaining a sixth sense, but with less dead Bruce Willis. Suddenly I was better at everything. I'm not the best still to this day but I had huge gains.

It wasn't only baseball. I could dance better. I could sing better. I could even talk to girls better. I could ride my bike with no handle bars! It's all because I could feel the flow of things. Like playing drums in a band I could see what was coming next and adjust accordingly. 

Because of this I have a new view on music. Its not just hitting drums and strumming guitars. It is an audible version of the natural flow that can be found in every day life. In my opinion  music is part of understanding the world around us. It is as important as writing and arithmetic if not more important! 

Music is bigger than we think. It is the heart beat of all life and it is in everything we do. So make like a river and flow.

This is something I believe in but I also know that there are many ways to view life. Feel free to comment and share things in your life that have influenced the way you view things. 


  1. Love this! thanks for posting on our blog by the way! I like your blog a lot too. Definitely becoming a follower. Right now!

  2. Thanks! I should have some new posts soon. :) Music = Life is more true than most people think!