Monday, August 22, 2011

Seize the Day Then Seize the Nap

Lately I have been searching my soul. I have been searching to find the lines. The limits. The edges of ones desires without going to far. Then It hit me. Everything in life is about one thing alone. This thing is so simple but so hard to implement. I'm sure it takes years to perfect it's role in ones life.

This simple idea may not be new to anyone, but underestimated, undersold, or overlooked by everyone, including me. The biggest thing in anyone's life is balance. Lets take for example laziness Vs. Activeness. If you are super lazy all the time you feel like a bum, or that your not doing anything and wish you were. This causes unhappiness and even low self esteem. On the other hand being active to an extreme has some negative effects as well. Always doing something takes its toll. You start to feel overwhelmed and your stress level shoots up. The middle ground is where it is at. If you can find balance between the two you should find happiness.

There is no cookie-cutter, this is the only way to be happy, one size fits all method. Some people are more active than others. They may be able to handle being more active than others and still finding balance. Take knifes for instance. They all have a point where you can balance them on your finger. Some knifes are well balanced and others don't balance right in the middle. It is all about finding your balance point. If we live our lives balancing like another, we will never find our personal balance and happiness. 

This post is called "Seize the Day Then Seize the Nap" because a discovery of my own balance today. This morning I woke up very early to go to the gym with my friends. We got back from the gym and then I decided to take a nap. My friend stopped by unexpectedly. She was wondering why I was still in bed and told me to seize the day. I proceeded to say my profound statement of the day, "Seize the day, then seize the nap." I worked hard this morning and I was honestly satisfied. I knew that the next days held more early morning exercise so I decided to do my body a favor and take a nap.

This was a small example of how I found balance today, but there are many things that need to be looked into. Work and play. Social life and personal life. Intimacy and privacy. Planning and doing. All things need balance. I challenge you to find something you can balance better today and do it. Even balancing the small things has given me much happiness.

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