Monday, August 8, 2011

Inspiration: With All Its Horror

There is a guy sitting in his house at the kitchen table, blasting techno music, hunched in front of a laptop and he is trying to become a writer. Maybe he will write a nice scary story. The atmosphere seems fit for a writer. He has a few empty soda bottles and popcorn bags on the table. Facing the window he sees the "great view "of duplexes. Some old folks live directly across from him and he doesn't need to look good because he's not going anywhere.

Some kids run by every once and awhile wielding bicycles like awkward swords, and chancing their diaper-wearing little sister like an escaped convict.  He thinks to himself "where is my inspiration?". Why can't I write a thing? Is my techno not loud enough? hmmm I could pop another bag of popcorn. Then it hits him! "WHAT IF I WAS NAKED?!". His logic tells him that being naked is being free. It also throws in a little bit of good advice. Close the curtains so you don't scar some kids for life and its always good to avoid giving old ladies heart attacks. I think her grand kids are cops anyway.

So the drapes and pants are pulled and there is some soup in the microwave for good measure. Now instead of being inspired by his newly found freedom, the only thing he can think of is "when is my roommate going to get home?" Then before the thought completes, the soup is done. The mixture of nudity, soup, and.... that dang AC just kicked on I'll be...I mean he will be right back.

OK now he has got something! The night was cold. It was like the air passed right into your core. All I could hear was the screams of....What should that Diaper kid be?... kids in that just doesn't seam scary enough... scratch that! The towns people stood in shock at the pale sight before them. Frozen with fear they tried to manage a scream. The curtains in the window of the house that stood in the midst of their tomfoolery had fallen revealing...reviling?...yes revealing a ghostly, pale sight. A man who was completely.... 

Guys I can't do this anymore. These kids are gonna see me naked. I can't be a sex offender! Robe on and soup gone! This post is done!

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