Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Just Like Weight Lifting But With Your Brain!

In the gym I have learned many life lessons. Working out is a lot more than a male bonding time where we talk about girls and bask in our own testosterone. Lets just set aside the "good game" man booty taps and be adults about this.  Working out is about breaking your own limits. It is about going on when everything inside of you is screaming at you to stop. You have to learn to use your mind to conquer your body and you learn when things get hard you don't quit, you push harder!

In life we hit many road blocks and, just like running on a treadmill, we start to hear a voice in our head telling us to quit now before this gets to hard. For me I know there is always going to be that voice inside my head telling me I can't do it. The great thing about working out is you learn to tell that voice to shut the heck up! Now if you apply this to real life it can be very handy.

Let's say you are looking for a job. You are trying really hard. You get out there every day and you are not seeing results. That voice is going to speak up. It might tell you something like, "You are wasting your time. Clearly no one wants to hire you." Right when that voice speaks up you are given a choice.

To give up or not to give up?

That is the question. Our minds are powerful tools. If we can learn to use them, we can bend how we act and think anyway we like. When that voice speaks up you are more than able to tell it to get back in its place. Go Mob boss on it. Take that negative voice and bust its knee caps! I believe golf clubs are on sale this time of year. Nothing is stopping you from getting rid of the negative in your life but you. It is a matter of perspective and you can change yours.

The great thing about change is once you adjust it is like things had always been that way. Then you can take a step back and see how you can get to the next level. Always pushing your limits. Just like working out if we want to better ourselves we have to carry on. We have to do things everyday to push towards our goal.

At Golds Gym they have a poster I really like. It says "Know that commitment is a muscle." That is so true. Just like a muscle, commitment is something you have to work daily for it to get any better. You have to train yourself to commit. When you get to where you want to be, you can't just stop, you have to maintain it. Your learned commitment is what drives you.

Alright class lets review! We all hit that point where we want to quit. This not only happens in they gym, but in all areas of life. I ask all of you to recognize that we all make a choice when we quit. It is hard to keep going but the more you chose to take the hard road of never giving up, the more it will come naturally. Another good thing to remember is you can't start out lifting hundreds of pounds so lets win those small battles first!  Last but not least, although they are present, gyms are not all about gay undertones! (Was that to defensive?)